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Safe City

High worldwide urbanization rates and strong social polarization have created a climate of increased public safety concern, crime and terror.  The urbanization trend has created additional effects that influence our lives like traffic congestion, rising air pollution and complex emergency situations.  In addition, due to rising living standards in urban areas, mayors have to be concerned about citizens’ increased demand of municipal services such as sanitation, mass transit, garbage disposal, road maintenance, etc.

Anteo offers all municipal agencies a ‘Smart City’ solution that provides a common operating picture (COP) while maintaining their independence via selective and dynamic resource sharing and structured response planning and execution.

The comprehensive ‘Smart City’ application suite includes the following building blocks:

  • PSR – Public Safety Response Center
  • MIM – Municipal Infrastructure Management Center
  • CTP – Crime and Terror Prevention Center
  • EOC – Emergency Operations Center
  • STM – Smart Traffic Management Center

These four pillars can be furnished by Anteo as an overall Smart City solution or be selectively and gradually deployed as the city expands its solution scope.

Anteo’s unique safe/Smart City applications include:

  • Public Safety Response Center (PSR): Coordinates fast and effective responses to all emergencies reported by citizens or sensors.  The solution can both receive phone calls and dispatch operations as well as operation planning and investigation.
  • Crime and Terror Prevention Center (CTP):  Provides crime/terror prevention forces with special intelligence gathering missions and special operations against organized crime/terror.
  • Emergency Operating Center (EOC):  Manages operations for natural disasters, public protests, planned large public events, large-scale accidents, terrorist attacks, organized crime, etc.
  • Smart Traffic Management (STM):  Calculates and improves traffic flow, utilizes existing parking and aids in the implementation of new transport regulations (e.g. congestion charges, tolls, etc.)
  • Municipal Infrastructure Management (MIM):  Responsible for continual maintenance and upgrades of roads as well as water, sewage, heat, electricity, and sanitation networks and facilities. 
  • Civil Call Center:  Integrates information from all municipal departments and information from city residents, businesses and visitors. Municipal Revenue Generating Application:
    • Parking management - Full cycle management for parking violations from set-up to collection and enforcement.
    • Congestion tax in city centers - Prevention of traffic congestion and reduction of pollution in urban areas by charging vehicles entering city centers.