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Anteo’s solution enables our clients to maintain and leverage existing security and IT capital investments, while gaining a head start in overcoming present and future operational and security challenges.  The solutions were designed to enable the seamless operation of multiple systems and technologies, multi-agency structured and non-structured collaboration, and making sense of the data for prevention and response.  The solution provides planning and deployment capabilities of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and support of operational processes, in the form of business logic flow charts and automated rule-based response procedures.  Anteo users may benefit from our fast and focused solutions to some of the most costly and difficult challenges of their organization.

Anteo has developed the 3-P’s concept employing People, Procedures and Products, tightly integrated together to provide comprehensive Situation Awareness and Situation Management capabilities.

The solution supports a hierarchical distributed Command and Control structure, enabling the organization to manage multiple sites with a logical chain of command that simultaneously supports escalation processes and management dashboards.  The open architecture building blocks enable customers to keep pace with evolving needs and technologies.  Our customers can expand system capacity or add functionality without a heavy integration effort and with minimal investment.

Anteo believes that a professional security and operational Command and Control solution based on generic building blocks should be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This approach requires the execution of a complete security procedure through the execution of five milestones:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis (TVA)
  • Concept of Operation (ConOps) design
  • Detailed solution design
  • Solution implementation
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Anteo is focused on providing solutions for the following three (3) market verticals: