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Critical Facilities

Critical facilities, today, are experiencing significant challenges in the sharing of information and collaboration among security, safety, operational and support personnel during both routine and emergency operations.  Facilities typically implement and rely upon a system that consists of compartmentalized functions, where multiple individual agencies work in separate ‘silos’ leading to inefficient communication between the various departments responsible for physical security, IT, and identity management.  Additionally, emergency centers tend to operate only during times of emergency, creating concerns for the system’s overall reliability.  Systems that do not operate on a 24/7 basis have a greater likelihood of malfunctioning or not working as anticipated in times of emergency. 

Routinely implemented security regimes typically indicate a noticeable disconnect between the threat and vulnerability facing critical facilities and the technology implemented at the given facilities.  In many cases there is an overlap between technology deployment and human resources, which is both expensive and an inefficient utilization of resources; leading to a higher than necessary purchase cost, and an increase in long-term maintenance costs.

Anteo’s critical facility solution takes advantage of the security circles holistic concept, which divides the facility into three (3) physical security circles as well as one cyber security circle.

The Inner Circle

The inner circle is located within the boundaries of the facility, and divided into three sectors:

  • Sector A: Mission critical components (e.g., turbines, generators, data centers, etc.)
  • Sector B: Mission support facilities (e.g., management offices, maintenance facilities, etc.)
  • Sector C: Non-mission critical areas (e.g., warehouses, parking lots, etc.)

The Outer Circle

The outer circle is located outside the fence, yet in in the vicinity of a critical area of the facility.

The Perimeter Circle

The perimeter circle consists of the facility’s boundaries, fences and gates.

The Cyber Circle

This circle is not defined “geographically;” however, it includes all the cyber security and IT infrastructure protection for   the critical facility.

Anteo’s solution integrates, unifies and streamlines events management in all these respective security circles, whileuporting pre-planned response strategies, escalations, communication, collaboration, automatic activation and a full cycle   management operation.