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Company Overview
Anteo Worldwide is a global corporation based in Switzerland, specializing in providing solutions for Situation Awareness and Situation Management for the Homeland Security (HLS) markets. The Anteo team brings together unprecedented professional experience, built on three decades of leading organizations and projects in security, operations, automation and command and control solutions. 

Anteo Worldwide offers a conceptual and technological paradigm shift in managing and securing critical facilities, smart cities and mass transportation; enabling more efficient and effective daily operations, with a seamless transition to facilitate and contain the management of security, safety and emergency situations. 

Anteo’s Situation Awareness and Management System (SAMS) software platform, designed and built on top of a state-of-the-art real time powerful core engine from the defense industry, enables the day-to- day management, automated monitoring, and emergency management of large scale operations. The platform provides tools for preventing and responding to irregular events, establishing an overall safer daily routine along with revenue generating services to provide a better return on investment.  Anteo’s SAMS platform is the ‘glue’ which brings together the abundance of segmented security systems, sensors, and IT prevention and protection applications under a unified and common platform.